I don’t KNOW ABOUT THE ROAD , TO WHERE here it leads , where I am standing , where I should be , where I will be, what to do, what to choose, which life suits me, where I will meet success , when I will be prosperous , when there will be peace of mind , calmness to brain , felicity to soul , when tears will end , when worries will vanish, when squeamishness is going to end , when there will be liberation of mind , body . heart and soul , when prayers are going to be accepted , when wishes going to be true , when the wind will blow in right direction , when divine light will fall upon me like a gushing water , when situations going to go well, when i will be fine , when there will be a true friend , when there will be a no trace of bad , madness is not going to chase me , when i will step on a road with ends, when storm inside me going to diminsh , when fights will over , when words will become sweet , when fate will become destined , when i will be able to strike at a aim , when war with oneself will stop , when troubles will be easy to tackle , when people will be easy to cope , when roughness will end , when disgrace will turn into honour , when people smirks and grins turn into a smile , when hue and cry will end , when devastation meets an end , when there will be happiness inside , when sorrows are going to bury , when allah is going to be true companion , when i will shine like a star , when hurt is going to extricate , when breath will become air , when soul will purify , when this death valley will end ? will it really ENDS? this makes me feel like i am on a cross road but this road has no ending . if things are not going to change then it simply means i am about to fall. i either let my self drown in the sea or become a swimmer and dive into the sea and find traces of life . for that i need to cross this road as soon as possible .





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